Frequently Asked Questions 

  Q: What do you charge per square foot on a new home? 

      A: The answer to this question is hard. The price per square foot is different for every home, because each homeowner desires different materials, such as flooring, to be placed in their home. A good starting estimate would be $175.00 per square foot for a house with modest amenities on a concrete slab foundation. Its always more cost efficient to go up than out, meaning second floor square footage is less expensive than main floor square footage. The lot can also be a huge factor in the cost. We are always willing to work with our clients budgets and will give you open and honest advice about the financial aspect when building a new home or remodel. Contact us for your free consultation today! 


Q: What is SSCHD, Inc. process for home remodels ? 

     A: Remodeling process:   

































Q: How much does SCSHD charge for just custom house plans? 

            A: Our fee for customs house plans is $0.55 per square foot heated and cooled for 3500 square feet homes                and under.  Any home over 3500 square feet is $0.65 per square foot heated and cooled. For additions to an               existing home the fee is calculated based on the size of the addition.  We would need to review the project                 before giving a price for the architectural drawings. 

  We  hope that this page answers some initial questions! Please contact us with anymore questions you may have, thank you for visiting  our website! 


1. In-Home Assessment

The Project Development phase begins with an in-home visit, allowing you to ask questions, share your ideas, and discuss the remodeling process

2. Comparative Analysis

Using historical data, we compare your project goals to past projects, quickly gaining insight into possibilities, challenges, and budget.

3. In Office Consultation

You are welcomed to our design studio to talk through the Project Development specifications, selections, and costs.

4. Budget Planning

We present a visual representation of your budget range, explaining how design and material choices will affect it, and helping navigate priorities.

5. Process Walkthrough

Our Design and Build Phases are explained step-by-step so that you have total clarity. Interact with our real-time Project Portal to see how you’ll stay in the know.

6. Design Agreement

Finally, you are presented with a timeline and estimate. If the project meets your goals, desires, and budget, sign our Design Agreement to start the Design Phase.