New Construction 

Wondering where to get started on building your customized new home?

Look no further! S&S Custom Homes Designs has been building customized homes for clients for the past 16 years. We strive to build our clients dream homes with only the best materials and personnel that Birmingham has to offer, without breaking your bank! When it comes to building a new home, most people have no idea where to begin.  The thing is, not everyone begins their new home adventure at the same place.  It's a matter of priorities.

  • Do you want to live in a certain area?  

  • Do you just love a specific architectural style?  

  • What the features and amenities that are a must have in your new home?  


Prioritizing the answers to these questions (and several more) will tell you where to start.  

Let S&S Custom Home Designs, Inc. get you started: 

To get some of your questions answered and have one of our team members walk you through the entire process based on your vision, Contact us for a no pressure and no cost consultation at or 205-365-3288.


 Let S&S take the guessing and stress out of your new home project.   Contact us for a no pressure and no cost consultation. 

Press on the "New Construction" page title to learn more about our new construction process. 

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