• Jack Stevens


If you've ever read a sales book, attended a sales class, or just a company function you've heard the phrase (or some form of it) "set and meet client expectations". It's very important! In the remodel industry there are almost always surprises. Using an experienced and detailed remodel company can limit these surprises but they inevitably happen even in the smallest of projects. Existing houses are just fun like that!

Expectations and surprises don't exactly go together. A good remodeler will account for a certain level of unexpected circumstances which keep the job moving and doesn't bother the homeowner. Due to the nature of remodeling sometimes expectations must be set daily, depending on the situation. Many times we are working in people's homes while they are living there. They need to know what they are coming home to each day and what to expect the following days to bring, again, surprises are never good.

The long and short of it is, the quantity and quality of communication with the homeowner is directly correlated with the success of the project and client experience. It doesn't matter if the kitchen is amazing if hell had to be traversed to get it done.

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