A remodel is the perfect way to transform the place you call home into the place where you truly feel at home. 

Keep scrolling to check out some of the amazing spaces we had the privilege to create. 

The Kitchen
   A warm gathering place.  

Many people believe that the kitchen should be the heart of your home. A place to gather and grow as a family. Although, each family is different and may require certain needs. At SSCHD we recognize this and can create the kitchen of your dreams, customized to your specific family and lifestyle. Let us help you bring your kitchen back to the center of your home. 



Kitchen 2
kitchen 1
The Bathroom 
 A relaxing getaway.
The bathroom is meant to be a place of comfort, cleanliness, and relaxation (even if only for five minutes, before the kids bust in). If this is not the way you feel when your bathroom comes to  mind, maybe it is time you let us change that. So much can done to make your bathroom the escape you've always deserved! 
The Details
  Putting the period on the sentence

At SSHD we have a saying, that in everything we do, always make sure we put the period at the end of a sentence. Meaning that we require and expect our employees to go above and beyond in their work for our clients; Ensuring a positive and stress free experience. 


Here we have an outdoor grill vent!


An outdoor living area is the perfect way to bring comfort and class to the outdoors!


A theater room is just what any basement needs to bring your family together.


Who needs a gym membership when SSCHD can create your own personal gym, right in the comfort of your own home.


A little character to your outdoor living space is all you need to spice up your double deck.


A his and her office provides the bonding experience you and you partner have always needed.


A closet should be functional and stylish. Let us make getting dressed easier in the morning.


Every basement needs a bar.

WW- barn door

A functioning barn door brings southern charm into any home.

Cat walk from down stairs- WW
WW bath tub
WW shower seat
Guest bathroom WW
Scallions bathroom 2
Scallions bathrom 1
Bathrrom 3
Scallions bathroom 2